Meet our goats!

Ellie May is a sweet, quiet little Nubian goat! She has a sister who looks just like her named Daisy Sue.

This is Belle! She is a Nigerian Dwarf and the reason we started Barnyard Yoga! She's a sweet little baby with some sas!

This is the adorable Annabelle, she is a Boar goat. She was born here at Good Fortune Farms and has always been a sweet girl!

Cici is a 2 year old Nigerian Dwarf. She can be shy, unless you have a treat in your hand! She came to our farm about a year ago and was named because of the "C" shape on her side.

These are some of our older goats that don't participate in our yoga classes, but love attention and treats! On top of the hay we have Betsy, to her lower left is Barbara, looking at the camera is Wee Goat, and the little black goat is Granny Goat. 

This is Moose, he is a Boar goat. He is a very active little goat who loves to run and jump.

This is Elvis, our littlest Nigerian Dwarf boy. After a little playtime, Elvis prefers to find someone to snuggle with on a yoga mat. 

More goat photo's coming soon!