If you have any questions that are not listed below, feel free to message us!
Do I need to make a reservation? Yes. We have limited space in the barn and also need to know the number of students for treat bags, release forms, etc.
Do you have class if it's raining? Typically yes. We have a covered barn and normally we can fit everyone in and keep them dry. Plus the goats really dislike rain so they are extra cuddly. 
Do goats poop during class? Yes, as we explain before the class, goats go to the bathroom when ever they like. We have mats that you can use if you don't feel comfortable using your own or if anyone has an accident during class. Also, we are constaly keeping an eye on the goats to ensure that everyone has a great class and will help with any issue that may arise. 
How early shall I arrive? We schedule goat play time before yoga begins. The time listed for the class is the time that our goat play time starts. That way everyone has time to arrive, get comfortable, play, and take photos before and during the class.
Do I bring treats for the goats? You can bring treats like apples or carrots if you like, but we do provide a snack for you to feed the goats as well.
What kind of animals are in the class? The main attraction is certainly the goats, but we also have rescue horses, pigs, cats, and chickens running around that occasionally interact with people, too.
What yoga experience is required? Our classes are geared toward people who do not have very much, if any yoga experience. It is still fun for more experienced yogis with the goats. Also, the style may be different than what you are used to, with more attention to detail.